English Studies at Large

The English Studies at Large Conference (ESAL) was founded in 2011 to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to present their work and network with students from nearby universities. You can find more information about ESAL on the conference website: https://englishstudiesatlarge.wordpress.com/

Below is a list of each year’s conference theme, keynote speaker(s), and their presentation titles.

Theme: “English in Action: English Studies and Community Engagement”
Speakers: Ricardo Cortez Cruz, Angela Haas, and Mary Jeanette Moran
(Conference postponed due to COVID-19.)

Theme: “Producing and Performing English Studies”
Speaker: Chris Breu, “The Humanities in the 21st Century: Crisis, Contradiction, Possibility”

Theme: “Peripheries and Multiplicities”
Speaker: Sarah Hochstetler, “Educating the Periphery”

Theme: “Relationships”
Speakers: Ricardo Cortez Cruz and Evan Nave, “Intersectional Hip-Hopping: Making Room for Freestyle and the Elements of Creative Writing”

Theme: “Hybrid Places and Liminal Spaces”
Speaker: Mary Jeanette Moran, “The Possibilities of Alternate Worlds: Care Ethics and Fantasy for Young People”

Theme: “Memory and the Material World”
Speaker: Erin Frost, East Carolina University, “Food Fights: Monolithic Constructions of Womanhood, Feminist Reclaimings of Material Genres, and Cookbooks as Memory”

Theme: “Failure and Collapse”
Speaker: Amy Robillard “Falling Together, Falling Apart: A Meditation on Narrative Collapse”

Theme: “‘The Novel’ in English Studies”
Speaker: Brian Rejack, “New Aesthetics, New Material, New Media: Intimations of Novelty from the Romantic Era”

Theme: “Uncovering Cultural Artifacts”
Speakers: K. Aaron Smith and Susan Kim, “‘I am beaten . . . I am bound . . . I am loved . . . I am taught . . .’: Transmission and Correction in Ælfric’s Grammar”

Theme: “G/great W/writers”
Speakers: Katherine Ellison and Beth Zold, “Adventures in Reading Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko across the Disciplines of English”