English Studies Undergraduate Symposium

For nearly two decades the Sigma Tau Delta chapter at Illinois State University hosted the English Studies Undergraduate Symposium. This event was designed to promote the exceptional scholarship of undergraduate students as well as provide networking and professionalization experience for ISU students. The event was later combined with the English Studies at Large Conference.

Below you can find a list of keynote speakers for each of the symposiums and their presentation title where available.

2018-present: Undergraduate Symposium merged with ESAL

2017: : Karen Coats, “The ‘Bees of the Invisible’: Why Children’s Poetry Matters” (This was the last English Studies Symposium.)

2016: Tara Lyons, “English Theatres: Show, Tell, and See for Yourself”

2015: Jan Susina

2014: Tim Hunt, “‘It is out of fashion to say so’: Reflections on Robinson Jeffers, Research, and English Studies”

2013: Robert McLaughlin and Sally Parry, “We’ll Always Have the Movies: Hollywood Films and World War II”

2012: Elizabeth Hatmaker and Chris Breu, “Noir Affects: Thinking English Studies through Noir”

2011: Katherine Ellison and Elizabeth Zold, “Good Girls Behaving Badly: What It Means to Be a Player in Eliza Haywood’s Fantomina”

2010: Katherine Ellison and Susan Kim, “‘A Roaring Fire, Mixed with Weeping’: Longing, Loss, the Beowulf Manuscript, and the Survey of British Literature”

2009: Joyce Walker and Duriel Harris

2008: Susan Kim and K. Aaron Smith, “The Spoor of Our Ancestors: Literacies and the History of English” (Although usually held in fall, the 2008 symposium was postponed until spring 2009 because of the relocation of the department.)

1998-2007: Symposiums were held in the fall, but there were no keynote speakers.

1998: The first symposium was held April 1998; however, there were no keynote speakers.